The Fine Art of Home

Stage to Sell – Redesign to Stay

As a fine artist, certified home stager, and licensed real estate agent I understand both the art and science behind home staging. I also LOVE to help people who aren’t selling their house, but want help personalizing it and making it feel more like home- that’s referred to as redesign. Whether staging to sell or redesigning to stay, I know my clients are driven by a budget! Believe me, I share your love of a good deal and will always steer you towards one. 

Often people know what they don’t want, but aren’t sure what they do want, and are too overwhelmed to even get started. My specialty is little things that make a big difference. I can help with everything from selecting paint colors, placement of furniture, picking out just the right coffee table, throw pillows, lamps, or artwork to pull it all together. 

Let’s talk about artwork for a minute… art can be really intimidating for a lot of people. So much so that many avoid art altogether and live with bland, blank walls, or fill them with photos and art that were gifted or handed down to them. This solution seems to  work because… a. it’s free b. Minnesota Nice requires that we must appreciate what is given to us by putting it on display and c. buying art can be downright scary!

The reason this semi-solution doesn’t really work is that it creates a space filled with other people’s style, not your own, a space decorated by default not designed on purpose, resulting in a home based on indecision rather than choice. Wow,  maybe we’re not just talking about rooms anymore!

You got it- it is about more. Now we’re getting to the root of the problem people, which means we’re also knocking on the door of the solution. You deserve a home that is your private sanctuary, that helps you recenter, recharge, and find your way in the world outside.

and that ………………………… the fine art of home.

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